Can CDC voucher be transferred to another person?

CDC Vouchers in Singapore are generally intended for use by the household to which they are issued and are not officially transferable to another person. The design of the CDC Voucher scheme aims to directly benefit eligible Singaporean households, particularly to assist with living expenses and to stimulate local spending within communities. The rules surrounding the vouchers are set to ensure that this targeted assistance reaches the intended recipients and is used within the designated local businesses, hawker centres, and markets.

Key Points on Voucher Usage:

  • Household Basis: The vouchers are issued on a per household basis, and the use of the vouchers is intended for members of that household.
  • Digital Format: The CDC Vouchers are typically distributed in digital format, accessible through the Singpass app or a specific digital platform designated by the Community Development Councils. This digital distribution method helps to control and monitor the use of vouchers.
  • Identification and Verification: When using digital CDC Vouchers, verification processes (such as scanning a QR code through a mobile app) are in place at participating merchants. These processes are designed to ensure that the vouchers are being used by eligible recipients.
  • Non-Transferability: Due to the personalized and digital nature of the vouchers, transferring them to another person outside the intended household is generally not supported by the system and is against the scheme’s guidelines.

However, within a household, there is often flexibility for any member of the household to use the vouchers for eligible purchases, as the intention is to benefit the household as a whole.

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You may authorise a non-household member to claim your household vouchers. He or she should bring along your notification letter sent to your household, a completed Authorisation Form and necessary supporting documents (specified in the authorisation form) to the CC.

If You Need to Share or Allocate Vouchers Differently:

  • Internal Arrangements: Households may make internal arrangements on how to utilize their vouchers among family members, ensuring they are used in line with the program’s intentions to support local businesses and manage household expenses.
  • Updates and Changes: Policies and features of the CDC Vouchers scheme may be updated or revised. It’s important to refer to the latest guidelines provided by the government or the Community Development Councils for the most current information.

The vouchers can be shared with your household members via the following method.

1. Click on “Share” button to copy the unique voucher link
2. Paste into any preferred messaging apps e.g. SMS/ Whatsapp/ Telegram. Please refer to diagram below for illustration.

Recipients are advised to be careful with sharing unique voucher links with others, as this would allow others to spend the household’s vouchers. To ensure that you safekeep your unique voucher links, we urge you to share only when necessary and to the right parties. We seek your understanding that there will be no reinstatement made for vouchers that were shared erroneously.