EDB Scholarship

What does the EDB Scholarship cover?

The EDB Scholarship offers full tuition coverage for your overseas undergraduate studies, as well as for a Master’s degree on a separate continent. The following are also covered under the scholarship:

  • Monthly living allowance
  • Yearly book allowance
  • Return airfare
  • Settling-in allowance
  • Computer subsidy
  • Warm clothing allowance
  • Excess baggage allowance
  • Foreign language courses, certification, and overseas immersion programme in a country of your choice
  • Summer Abroad programme, including an overseas exchange programme
  • Combined Degree programme to complete your final year in another foreign university

Are EDB scholars able to pursue their studies in any university and degree of their choosing?

The EDB Scholarship supports various disciplines of study, including, but not limited to, Engineering, Science and Economics. We also encourage you to pursue your interest areas beyond these fields of study through a selection of double majors or minors and/or development programmes.

Can I apply for the EDB Scholarship after receiving my A-level results?

We only have one application window for the EDB Scholarship each year, which closes on 31 December.

Hence, you will need to apply for the EDB Scholarship before receiving your A-level results. We will use your preliminary examination results as part of the evaluation of your scholarship application.

How many scholarships does EDB offer each year on average?

We do not have a quota on the number of EDB Scholarships offered each year. Scholarships are offered to candidates who are assessed to be a good fit.

Are scholars put on a career fast-track when they start working at EDB?

EDB employees are evaluated on their performance annually, and our scholars would be evaluated similarly. Progression in the organisation is dependent on their performance and aspirations. We believe in fair treatment for all employees based on merit.

Undergraduate scholarship with a 5- or 6-year bond

The EDB Scholarship programme nurtures and grooms outstanding young talent who are keen to join EDB to architect Singapore’s economy, develop industries and create good jobs for Singaporeans. You will be exposed to many development opportunities, such as learning a foreign language, going on exchange at universities overseas, and owning real-life projects at EDB through internships.

If I am already studying in university, can I apply for a mid-term scholarship?

EDB does not offer mid-term scholarships. However, you can refer to our opportunities for students and graduates.

Application Dates

Application for the 2022 EDB Scholarship is now closed.

What You Can Expect

A Global Education

Pursue undergraduate studies at top global universities, and read a Master’s degree on a separate continent. You can also learn a foreign language with EDB’s full support or go on Summer Abroad programmes.

Dedicated Support

Throughout your EDB Scholarship journey, our dedicated Scholarship Manager will guide you through your university choices, internships and transitions from and back to Singapore.

Real-World Internships

Gain real-world exposure to EDB’s industry development work, build your network, and get first-hand understanding of life as an EDB officer through internships at our HQ and overseas offices.

A Secure Job

Upon graduation, you will join the Associate Programme at EDB before moving into a role with one of the EDB divisions. Scholars studying in France, Germany, Japan and China have a 5-year bond, while those studying in other countries have a 6-year bond.

Talent We Seek


We look for individuals with a unique combination of personal drive and a heart of service for the greater good.

Most importantly, you should possess both the boldness necessary to create impact on Singapore’s economic and business landscape, and the tenacity to turn possibilities into reality.

EDB officers also need to be sharp and critical thinkers who can effectively communicate ideas to different parties.


  • You should be fulfilling the final year of education in an education institution that offers GCE A Levels, polytechnic diploma with merit, or equivalent qualifications (e.g. International Baccalaureate (IB) or high school diploma); or
  • You have received the results of any of the above not more than 2 years back.

Application Process



Submit your application below. There is also a short essay component in the application where we would like to hear your perspectives. Please set aside at least 30 minutes to complete this.



Discuss problem statements and challenges that EDB faces and recommend solutions during this interview. This is also your chance to clarify any questions you have about EDB with your interviewers.


In-Person Interview (2 Rounds)

You may be tasked to prepare interview assignment(s) that simulate what EDB officers do. In the final interview, get the opportunity to meet a member of the EDB senior management team to share your motivations and interests behind wanting a career with EDB.

Application closed