Is Republic Poly good?

Poly life is probably one of the better phases in your entire education life, especially if you’re from RP! Secondary school life probably sucked, and University life is hell.

Let’s all take a moment to relive the 10 thoughts about Republic Poly only RP students will feel.

Nice environment
This is already known to everyone, even non-RP students. BUT yes only we RP-ians get to feel that shiok air-con once we step into the entrance hall. The campus is awesome since everything is as new as it can be, and it definitely feels good to study in a nice environment.

RP food
We have wonderful breakfast or lunch breaks, thanks to the many good foods you’ll be able to find in RP. Not to forget we can get the western food set meals at $4 at the TRCC. Imagine chicken cutlet spaghetti with fries and a cup of milk tea. Are you drooling yet?

Dressing up for school
You have no idea why and how it started, but it seems like all the students in RP dresses incredibly well. Or at least, they don’t come to school in singlets and board shorts. You are pressured to dress up decently as well. And all the eye candies, ooh!

Problem-based learning! This is RP’s signature, and this is what makes RP different!

‘What we know, what we don’t know’
This never gets old, it’s like every RP-ian has memorised this at the back of our mind. Whenever there is a problem, we will be thinking and be listing what we know, what we don’t know before we come up with ‘how to solve’.

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The first meeting, second meeting…
First meeting – participate actively. Second meeting – put your hands to the task. Third meeting – talk excessively. That’s how we survive.

6 Ps
6 P, or known as the 6th presentation to few is the last presentation of our 5 teams. The last is done by the facilitator, which is usually so long-winded and boring that half the class will be taking the time of their lives to close their eyes ‘for a bit.’

Taking a satisfying nap
Since some of us eat during the first break, the second break is definitely for sleeping. After chionging the PowerPoint presentation with your group mates for 15 minutes, it’s time to take a nap for 2 hours. Most satisfying nap ever.

Here comes the most dreaded part of the day – RJ, known as Reflection Journal. It may sound redundant, but RJ is a pretty crucial part of scoring. Writing becomes an easier task for RP-ians since we do that RJ EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY.

Making a lot of friends
They are everywhere you go. And you need to give them a hug. Because waving and saying ‘Hi’ is not good enough. So, are you jealous of us RP students yet?

Side Note

Anyway, the poly you go to isn’t as important as the attitude that you have toward your schoolwork and learning. I wasn’t from RP so I can’t comment on the system there, but I’m pretty sure that for all courses in all poly, the most important thing is whether the student is willing to learn. If you get to a sub 10 point course in like SP or NP, does it make a difference if all you do in class is sleep and be disruptive and do poorly for your grades? There’s so many people I know who did well before poly who decided that the ‘poly-student-lepak-smoke-drink-skipclass-havefun-yolo’ lifestyle suited them, so they decided that was more important than being serious in their studies, and now most of them are in very certain careers.

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Either way someone once told me something and I kind of feel it is true if you intend to study uni. Your poly course isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things. As long as you have a field which is somewhat similar to what you want to study in university, you can go to any course and farm GPA for 3 years(for example, you may want to study a specific field of engineering/comp sci in university, but now you in random poly’s random engineering/it course) After that, with your GPA just go into what you REALLY want to do in the future and continue from there. Doesn’t really matter what poly you came from then. Who cares what the relatives think since they’re not gonna reap the benefits of your brothers hard work, or the suffering from his failures. Fuck them and apply yourself(himself?)