Is Singapore Polytechnic a good school?

Singapore Polytechnic also commonly known as SP, is the first and oldest polytechnic to be established in Singapore. 

Singapore Polytechnic is ranked 1st amongst all the polytechnics in Singapore with the cut off points to be as low as 8 and highest as 22. 

SP is also well-known for the facilities they offer on their campus. Some of the facilities offered by the school include 6 foodcourts, 3 outdoor basketball courts, 12 badminton courts, 4 squash courts and many more. 

Visit their official website to find out more! 

Address: 500 Dover Road Singapore 139651

Nearest MRT: Dover MRT 

What poly education is about

Polytechnics in Singapore are tertiary institutions that focus more on project-based learning. Generally, poly education spans over 3 years for students to learn the fundamentals of the course they’ve enrolled in.

In the final year, poly students then get an opportunity to intern at companies related to their course to apply whatever they’ve learned.

Students tend to gain technical knowledge and immerse themselves in industries related to the course that they’re studying in.

How Stressful is Poly?

Poly is definitely less stressful as compared to JC as you don’t have to study as much and as hard in order to get decent grades.

In poly, you’ll be given 3 years’ exposure to the course you’ve enrolled into, which means it is less compact and you’ll probably have more free time for leisure activities.

As mentioned above, JC students have to cramp their A-Level syllabus into 2 years and still commit to their CCAs, hence you’ll definitely have less time for leisure activities.

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This would mean that JC students have less time to unwind from their stressful schedules as well.

Having said that, I wouldn’t say poly life isn’t stressful, but it’s definitely less stress as compared to JC.

1.4 Benefits of being a Poly Student

There are several benefits of being a poly student, ranging from freedom to future work skills.

Wear Any Clothes You Want

As a poly student, you’re free to dress up however you like.

No more uniforms, no more baggy school pants, no more skirts that have to cover your knees.

Despite this given freedom, you should still dress up appropriately. Try avoiding being lazy to dress up in the morning before your class.

Be presentable, at the very least you should wear a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans with some clean sneakers.

And you know what they say.