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Admissions Application Form – FULL-TIME(NCHN)   Admit Term: 2022 April
The application for Nitec progression to full-time Higher Nitec courses (2022 April) is open from 13/04/2022 to 03/05/2022.

You are advised to read through the progression criteria provided at the ITE website before submitting your application. Information on the progression criteria is available at, click ‘Apply for ITE Courses’ link > ‘For Nitec Progression to Higher Nitec (NCHN)’ link under ‘Full-Time Higher Nitec Courses (Apr 2022 Intake)’ > ‘Entry Requirements & Colleges’ link under ‘Important Information’.

Admission is based on relevancy of Nitec qualification to Higher Nitec course applied, merit and vacancies. You are advised to select your choice of course carefully.

You are requested to declare all information truthfully. Any false declaration will render you liable to appropriate action, including withdrawal from the course offered.

Note : ITE Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) applicants with confirmed EAE course offers are not allowed to participate in this intake exercise or transfer to another course or College.

If you encounter difficulties with your application over the Internet, please call or email to any of the Customer & Visitor Centre of the ITE Colleges or call the ITE Customer Service Hotline on Tel 1800 2222 111 for assistance.

You can apply using your NRIC/FIN and Date of Birth or using Singpass.

To apply using NRIC/FIN and Date of Birth, fill in the details below and then click on “I WANT TO SUBMIT AN APPLICATION”.

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