Republic Polytechnic Courses

Republic Polytechnic (RP) Cut Off Points 2022

JAE Course CodeCourse NameNet ELR2B2
R40Aerospace Engineering26
R17Applied Chemistry17
R25Arts & Theatre Management20
R39Aviation Management25
R14Biomedical Science11
R13Business Information Systems26
R57Common Business Programme26
R42Common Engineering Programme26
R58Common ICT Programme26
R59Common Science Programme18
R63Common Sports and Health Programme26
R48Consumer Behaviour & Research18
R34Customer Experience Management with Business21
R35Design for Games & Gamification17
R36Design for User Experience20
R47Digital Design & Development24
R50Electrical & Electronic Engineering24
R56Engineering Design with Business26
R54Engineering Systems & Management24
R62Environmental & Marine Science13
R18Financial Technology26
R43Health Management & Promotion26
R45Health Services Management26
R37Hotel & Hospitality Management26
R52Human Resource Management with Psychology16
R11Industrial & Operations Management26
R55Infocomm Security Management22
R12Information Technology26
R28Integrated Events Management26
R32Mass Communication16
R19Media Production & Design18
R33Outdoor & Adventure Learning26
R22Pharmaceutical Science17
R46Restaurant & Culinary Operations26
R24Sonic Arts19
R26Sport & Exercise Science16
R49Sport Coaching18
R21Supply Chain Management25
R61Sustainable Built Environment26

Polytechnic Foundation Program

Courses offered

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Group 1 (Science and Technology)

School of Applied Science

Applied Chemistry (R17)
Biomedical Sciences (R14)
Biotechnology (R16)
Common Science Programme (R59)
Environmental and Marine Science (R62)
Pharmaceutical Science (R22)
School of Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (R40)
Aviation Management (R39)
Common Engineering Programme (R42)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (R50)
Engineering Design with Business (R56)
Engineering Systems & Management (R54)
Industrial & Operations Management (R11)
Supply Chain Management (R21)
Sustainable Built Environment (R61)
School of Infocomm

Business Information Systems (R13)
Common ICT Programme (R58)
Digital Design & Development (R47)
Financial Technology (R18)
Infocomm Security Management (R55)
Information Technology (R12)
School of Sports, Health and Leisure

Common Sports and Health Programme (R63)
Health Management & Promotion (R43)
Health Services Management (R45)
Sport & Exercise Science (R26)
Sports Coaching (R49)
School of Technology for the Arts

Design for Games & Gamification (R35)
Design for User Experience (R36)
Sonic Arts (R24)

Group 2 (Non-Science and Technology)

School of Management and Communication

Business (R60)
Common Business Programme (R57)
Consumer Behaviour & Research (R48)
Human Resource Management with Psychology (R52)
Mass Communication (R32)
School of Sports, Health and Leisure

Outdoor & Adventure Learning (R33)
School of Hospitality

Customer Experience Management with Business (R34)
Hotel & Hospitality Management (R37)
Integrated Events Management (R28)
Restaurant & Culinary Operations (R46)
School of Technology for the Arts

Arts & Theatre Management (R25)
Media Production & Design (R19)

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