Republic Polytechnic DAE NA Level

lytechnic Foundation Programme Admissions Exercise (PFPAE)

Did well for your N-Levels and thinking about going to polytechnic? Then PFP could be for you! Instead of continuing to Sec 5, do a foundation year at RP to get a head start on your diploma. 

Who can apply? 

You must either be:

  • Normal academic student with valid N-Level results from the preceding year of the PFP Admissions Exercise:

Entry Requirements

You must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Obtained a raw ELMAB3 aggregate score of 12 points or better (excluding CCA bonus points)
  • Met the subject-specific requirements for either Group 1 or Group 2 

Aggregate Computation

  • Raw ELMAB3* = 
    English Language (EL) + Mathematics (MA) + 3 other best subjects (B3) 
    *Excluding CCA points
  • Two groups of courses as follows:

Group 1 (Science and Technology)

SubjectMinimum Grade Required
English Language (Syllabus A)3   
Math (Syllabus A/Additional)
One of the following relevant subjects:Science (Physics, Chemistry)Science (Physics, Biology)Science (Chemistry, Biology)Food and NutritionDesign and Technology
 Any two other subjects, excluding CCA3

Group 2 (Non-Science and Technology)

SubjectMinimum Grade Required
English Language (Syllabus A)2   
Math (Syllabus A/Additional)3   
One of the following relevant subjects:Principles of AccountsLiterature in EnglishHistoryHumanities (Social Studies, Geography)Humanities (Social Studies, History)Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English) GeographyArt3
Any two other subjects, excluding CCA

What Course to apply? 

To find out more about the diploma courses offered by RP, you may:

  • Read up on RP courses online
  • Some courses may require additional medical check-up or specific tests, click here to find out more.

* Courses listed are based on current available courses and will be subject to changes

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When and How to apply?

  • Upon the release of the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Examination results, only eligible* N(A) students will receive a copy of Form P (containing login credentials for PFP application) through their schools
  • Application is made through the PFP Portal
  • You may indicate up to 5 course choices in your application
  • Application period will run over a period of 5 calendar days starting on the same day as the release of the O-Level results

* Eligibility to apply for PFP does not guarantee placement in the programme. Students placed on the PFP may or may not be posted to the course of his / her choice, subject to competition based on merit and the availability of places.

What to Expect?


  • The posting outcome will be released online through the PFP Portal in January.
  • You will be required to accept or reject your PFP offer within three working days. 


  • Upon the release of the PFP posting results, if you have been offered a place in the PFP but would like to appeal for another course, you may do so through the PFP Portal from January. 
  • You may indicate up to three course choices in your appeal application. 
  • The appeal outcome will be released online through the PFP Portal in January. If your appeal is successful, you are to accept or reject your appeal result within three working days.

Please note: 

  • Please consider your choices very carefully before submitting an appeal.
  • Your original PFP posting will be revoked if your appeal is successful regardless of whether you accept the new PFP offer. Otherwise, your original PFP posting will be retained.
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If your application is successful, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the online enrolment by end February. 

For more information on the online enrolment, and what to do after enrolment, please click here.