Singapore Polytechnic Internship


In this programme, students are attached to local and overseas firms and corporate establishments in both the public and private sectors. For the Diploma in Architecture, Diploma in Interior Design and Diploma in Landscape Architecture, students will undergo a 22 -week internship programme during their second year of studies. Students from the Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Facilities Management and Diploma in Integrated Events & Project Management will undergo a 22-week internship programme in their third year of studies.

To instil a global mindset in students, many overseas internship programmes have been arranged in recent years.

During the internship programme, lecturers assume the role of liaison officers (LOs) to guide the students in contributing towards the establishments they are attached to and to help them maximise learning through real life experiences.

In collaboration with our industry partners, our existing internship programmes have been enhanced to provide students with a more meaningful experience and better support for structured learning at the workplace. This is in line with the national SkillsFuture movement to develop an integrated, quality system of education, training and career development that responds to constantly evolving industry needs.

These enhancements include establishing defined learning outcomes and structured activities during the internship that support these outcomes. Our LOs will be meeting up with the assigned Company Supervisor (serving as Mentor) to work out the defined learning outcomes and the structured training programme and mentor support for the students prior to the internship.

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What companies had to say about our students on attachments:

“HYLA are extremely impressed with Jerome Lim’s capabilities and enthusiasm. He has contributed a lot to our practice while he has been here. He is smart, sharp and fast. More importantly he is pro-active, enthusiastic and keen. We hope he will return to HYLA when he had graduated.”
– Vincent Lee, Partner of renowned local architectural design practice, HYLA Architects that took part in the internship

“Daniel possessed a very good ability to understand the task and projects that he was involved in despite his short encounters with them. Generally, he is sharp, perceptive and has good skill using the 3DViz and AutoCad software. Architects that he worked with have good words for him. I am confident that Daniel can become a very good graduate given the right education, training and exposure to good architectural practice.”
– Ng Weng Pan, Director, W Architects