How long is asbestos awareness valid for?

There is no legal requirement to repeat an entire formal awareness refresher training course every 12 months. However, some form of refresher should be given, as necessary, to help ensure knowledge of asbestos awareness is maintained. Essentially, this depends on the training provider. Some certificates have no expiry date at all, whilst others do. Many … Read more

What is the asbestos awareness refresher course?

An asbestos awareness refresher course is a specialized training program designed for individuals who have previously completed an initial asbestos awareness course and need to refresh their knowledge and skills on asbestos-related topics. These refresher courses are typically shorter in duration compared to the initial courses and serve to update participants on any changes in … Read more

What is the asbestos awareness course in Tasmania?

The Asbestos Awareness Course in Tasmania, like similar courses in other Australian states and territories, is designed to educate individuals about the dangers of asbestos exposure and how to safely manage asbestos-containing materials in various settings. Asbestos is a hazardous material that was commonly used in construction and other industries in the past but is … Read more