How do I get an Australian federal police check?

To get an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check, you can follow these steps: Determine the Purpose: First, determine the reason you need an AFP check. AFP checks are typically required for employment, volunteer work, adoption processes, immigration, or other purposes where a background check is necessary. Check the Eligibility: Ensure that you are eligible to … Read more

Can I get my AFP police check online?

Yes, you can apply for an Australian Federal Police (AFP) police check online through the AFP’s official website. Here are the steps to apply for an AFP police check online: Visit the AFP’s Online Application Portal: Go to the official Australian Federal Police website, and locate the online application portal for police checks. Create an … Read more

Is an Australian federal police check the same as a national police check?

No, an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check is not the same as a National Police Check (NPC). Though both reveal the same information about a given individual, taken from the same police records, the difference has to do with why you’re applying for a police check. These are two distinct types of background checks conducted … Read more

How long does it take to get AFP police check?

The processing time for an Australian Federal Police (AFP) police check can vary depending on several factors, including the method of application and the volume of requests at any given time. Here are some general guidelines: Online Application: Applying for an AFP police check online is typically the fastest method. In many cases, you can … Read more

How do I contact AFP?

To contact the AFP (Agence France-Presse), you can follow these steps: Visit the AFP Website: Start by visiting the official AFP website at The website may have contact information and options for reaching out to different departments or offices. Contact Information: Look for a “Contact Us” or “About Us” section on the website. In … Read more

Why is my national police check taking so long?

The length of time it takes to process a national police check can vary based on several factors. While many police checks are processed relatively quickly, there are circumstances that can lead to delays. Here are some common reasons why your national police check might be taking longer than expected: Transfer Delays: For the National … Read more

What shows up on an Australian police check?

An Australian police check, also known as a criminal history check or a National Police Certificate (NPC), typically provides information about an individual’s criminal history within the scope of the check. What shows up on an Australian police check can include the following: Disclosable Court Outcomes: This category includes information about convictions, charges, court findings, … Read more