What is the difference between Casa and Airservices Australia?

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) and Airservices Australia are two separate organizations in Australia that play distinct roles in the country’s aviation sector. Here’s a brief overview of the key differences between CASA and Airservices Australia: CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority): Regulatory Authority: CASA is Australia’s national aviation regulatory authority. It is responsible for regulating … Read more

Who owns Airservices Australia?

Airservices Australia is owned by the Australian government. It is a government-owned corporation established under the Air Services Act 1995. The organization is responsible for providing essential air traffic management and aviation rescue and firefighting services across Australia. As a government-owned entity, Airservices Australia operates under the oversight of the Australian government’s Department of Infrastructure, … Read more

Who funds Airservices Australia?

Airservices Australia is funded through a combination of revenue sources, primarily generated from aviation-related fees and charges. Here are some of the main sources of funding for Airservices Australia: Air Traffic Control Charges: Airservices Australia charges airlines and aircraft operators for the provision of air traffic control services, including navigation and communication services. These charges … Read more