What is the current submarine fleet of Australia?

The Royal Australian Navy’s submarine fleet consisted of six Collins-class submarines. These submarines are diesel-electric submarines and have been in service since the 1990s. The six Collins-class submarines are: HMAS Collins (SSG 73) HMAS Farncomb (SSG 74) HMAS Waller (SSG 75) HMAS Dechaineux (SSG 76) HMAS Sheean (SSG 77) HMAS Rankin (SSG 78) It’s important … Read more

Which company is building submarines for Australia?

The company selected to build submarines for the Royal Australian Navy under the Future Submarine Program is Naval Group. Naval Group is a French defense contractor specializing in naval defense and marine renewable energies. The Future Submarine Program, also known as the Attack-class submarine program, involves the construction of a new fleet of submarines to … Read more