Does Australian Consumer Law apply to online purchases?

Yes, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) applies to online purchases in Australia. The ACL is technology-neutral, which means it covers consumer transactions regardless of whether they occur in physical stores or online. This includes purchases made through websites, mobile apps, or other online platforms. Here are some key points to understand regarding the application of … Read more

What is the Australian law on online refunds?

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) governs online refunds in Australia, just as it does for in-store purchases. Consumers have the same refund rights as they do when buying from a physical shop. This means that, under the Australian Consumer Law, any item they buy is covered by ‘consumer guarantees’. Here are some key points to … Read more

Is it illegal to not offer a refund in Australia?

In Australia, it is not illegal for a business to have a “no refund” policy, but such a policy must comply with the consumer protection laws outlined in the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The ACL sets out specific consumer guarantees and rights that cannot be excluded or restricted by businesses, including the right to a … Read more