What does Australian Federal Police do?

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is Australia’s federal law enforcement agency with a wide range of responsibilities aimed at maintaining national security, enforcing federal laws, and providing various law enforcement services. The AFP’s core functions and roles include: National Security: Counter-Terrorism: The AFP plays a crucial role in countering terrorism, both domestically and internationally. This … Read more

How hard is it to get into the Australian Federal Police?

Getting into the Australian Federal Police (AFP) can be a competitive process, as the AFP seeks highly qualified and dedicated individuals to join their ranks. You are required to meet these standards: Of sound character At least 18 years of age Hold a drivers licence Able to satisfy medical and fitness requirements Australian citizenship Strong … Read more

How do you become an Australian federal police officer?

Becoming an Australian Federal Police (AFP) officer involves a structured recruitment process. Here are the general steps to becoming an AFP officer: Eligibility Requirements: You must be an Australian citizen. Of sound character You must be at least 18 years old. Hold a driver’s licence You should meet the medical and fitness requirements set by … Read more