How long does it take to receive traffic summon?

In Singapore, traffic summons (also known as traffic fines or tickets) are typically issued promptly after a violation is recorded. You can expect to receive a traffic summon within two weeks of the offense. The exact timing can depend on various factors including the type of offense, whether it was captured by an automated system … Read more

How to check fines on red light camera Singapore?

You can check fines related to red light camera offenses in Singapore through the following steps: Using the Official Website:a. Visit the official Singapore Police Force website: Provide the required information: Vehicle Number Identity Card (NRIC) or Passport Number c. Click on the “Submit” or “Check Now” button. d. Review the information provided to … Read more

What is the fine for beating red light?

The penalty for beating a red traffic light is 12 demerit points with a S$400/S$500 composite fine for light and heavy vehicles respectively. If the offence was committed in a Silver or School Zone, the penalty is 14 demerit points with a S$500/S$600 composite fine for light and heavy vehicles respectively.