Who is eligible for Chas Blue Card?

The eligibility criteria for the CHAS Blue Card in Singapore are based on household income, specifically the Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI). The CHAS Blue Card is generally for lower- to middle-income individuals and households. To be eligible for the CHAS Blue Card: Household Income: The Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) should be $1,200 or … Read more

Which Colour of Chas card is the best?

The Blue card is considered the best because, Cardholders with the Blue Chas Card get the most subsidies followed the Orange CHAS cardholders who get less while the Green CHAS card cardholders get the least subsidies.

How many different Chas cards are there?

If you have ever considered applying for the CHAS card, you’ll know that there are three different types of cards that vary by colour: blue, green, and orange. These three colours indicate the different levels of subsidies that cardholders are entitled to.

Can I access my Chas card online?

The digital CHAS card will be automatically available on the Singpass app for new and existing CHAS cardholders aged 15 years1 and above. It can be accessed from the ‘My Cards’ section on the Singpass app,