How much does a hearing test cost in Australia?

A full diagnostic hearing assessment is where an audiologist examines your ear canal, checks your middle ear status, does hearing testing across 250-8000Hz using a combination of air and bone conduction and masks appropriately.  It usually also includes speech testing and evaluating your current hearing issues.  This testing is generally done in a sound treated … Read more

Do I go to my GP for a hearing test?

You do not necessarily need to visit your General Practitioner (GP) for a routine hearing test. Instead, you can directly contact a hearing clinic, audiologist, or hearing care provider to schedule a hearing assessment. Hearing tests are usually conducted by qualified audiologists or hearing specialists who specialize in assessing and addressing hearing-related concerns. Here are … Read more

Do I need to book an appointment for a hearing test?

Yes, it is generally advisable to book an appointment for a hearing test in advance, especially if you are seeking a hearing assessment from a hearing clinic or audiologist. Booking an appointment ensures that you receive timely and dedicated attention from a qualified professional. Here are the steps to book an appointment for a hearing … Read more

Do Specsavers do free hearing tests?

Specsavers Australia does offer free hearing tests as a part of their hearing care services. A free 15-minute hearing check with one of Specsavers’ experienced audiology professionals is the first step to receiving advice about any concerns you have with your hearing, getting an indication of the health of your hearing, and what the next … Read more

How do you get hearing tested in Australia?

Getting a hearing test in Australia typically involves the following steps: Visit Your General Practitioner (GP): If you suspect you have hearing issues or have concerns about your hearing, start by scheduling an appointment with your general practitioner (GP). They can assess your overall health and may be able to identify any underlying medical conditions … Read more