What is HFE application?

The HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter is a document that summarizes everything you need to know about your eligibility to buy a new/resale flat, get housing grants, and take a HDB housing loan in Singapore . You can apply for it at the very start of your house hunting journey, and can then make use of the … Read more

What is the difference between HFE and HLE?

The HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter is a new and improved version of the HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter, which it officially replaced on May 9, 2023 . While the HLE only assessed your eligibility for a HDB housing loan, the HFE looks at your eligibility for flats, grants, and loans . The HFE letter is an all-in-one document … Read more

How long does the HFE application take?

The duration of the HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter application process in Singapore varies depending on the completeness of the application and the volume of applications received by HDB . However, HDB aims to process the application within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the application Make an informed decision Log in to the HDB Flat … Read more

How long is the HFE valid for?

The HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter is valid for 9 months from the date of issue . During this period, there will be no reassessment if there are no adverse changes in the incomes and financial positions of the household . Additional information Have valid Singpass account All applicants and required occupiers must have a valid Singpass account when applying … Read more

How do I check my HFE application status?

To check the status of your HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter application in Singapore, you can follow these steps: Log in to the HDB Flat Portal using your Singpass account. Select “My Flat Dashboard” and then “I am new/resale flat buyer”. You will be notified via SMS when your HFE letter is available for your viewing on … Read more

How do I check my hFE status?

To check your Housing and Development Board (HDB) registration status in Singapore, you can visit the HDB website and log in to your account using your SingPass . Once you are logged in, you can check your registration status and other related information under the “My HDBPage” section . Alternatively, you can verify whether you are a registered occupant … Read more

How long does it take to get HFE approval?

The HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) letter is a document that provides you with a holistic understanding of your housing and financing options and helps you plan your flat budget before you embark on your home buying journey . The validity of the HFE letter has been extended to 9 months . The processing time for an HFE letter … Read more

Can I apply for BTO if I have no HFE?

When Do You Need the HDB Flat Eligibility (HFE) Letter? For new HDB flats, you must obtain an HFE letter before the Build-to-Order (BTO), Sales of Balance Flat (SBF) sales launch, or open booking. An HFE letter application typically takes about one month to process after all the necessary paperwork has been submitted. However, processing could … Read more

Do I need HFE before applying BTO?

You must have a valid HFE letter when you apply for a BTO flat in sales launches starting from August 2023, or even during open booking. You must have a valid HFE letter before you obtain an Option to Purchase (OTP) from the HDB seller, and when you submit your resale application The very first … Read more