How often should PSiRA verification be renewed?

PSiRA verification needs to be renewed annually for security service providers and security officers in South Africa. This renewal process ensures that individuals within the security industry maintain their eligibility to work and remain compliant with PSiRA regulations. Renewal typically involves revalidating the individual’s credentials, background checks, and ensuring continued compliance with PSiRA’s standards. The … Read more

How do I download Psira application?

You can search for “PSiRA” in the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) to see if they have released an app since my last update. Here are the general steps to potentially find and download a PSiRA mobile app if available: Open the App Store: Launch the … Read more

How do I verify my Psira status?

Verifying your PSiRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) status in South Africa involves checking the current status of your registration, licensing, or certification within the private security industry. You can verify your PSiRA status through the following steps: Online Verification: PSiRA provides an online verification tool on their official website. You can access this tool … Read more

How do I check my Psira grades online – New Simple Way

PSIRA provided an online portal where individuals could check their grades. Here are the general steps to check your PSIRA grades online: Visit the PSIRA website: Go to the official website of the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. Login to the online portal: Look for the login section on the website. You may need to … Read more