How much is SFA license?

Fees & Charges You have to pay an application fee of S$157.50 (inclusive of 7% GST) for any new application made for food processing, cold store and slaughter-house licence.  The application fee covers: evaluation of floor plans and process flow chart a joint site inspection of the completed premises with the Licensing to ensure it … Read more

All about Temporary Fair Permit

The setup of a temporary fair with stalls for the sale of merchandise items and/or food & beverages requires a permit from SFA In addition, food stalls with food and beverage preparation/handling at the temporary fair will also requires a licence from SFA. Submission of online application and supporting documents All fair and stall applications … Read more

All About Sale of Herbal Tea

Sale of Herbal Tea Licensing Approach To strengthen food hygiene standards and give consumers greater assurance when purchasing such products, existing and new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM premises with ancillary preparation and sales food/drinks, e.g. herbal drinks and tea-leaf eggs will need to be licensed by SFA under Food shop (Sales of Herbal Tea) licence. … Read more

All about Private Canteen

Private Canteen Licensing Approach In order to ensure food safety and hygiene for consumers, private canteens operated by third party vendors/businesses would need to obtain a licence from SFA. This includes staff canteens and schools that provide boarding services with canteen, operated by third-party companies. SFA considers such operations/arrangements to involve the sale of food, … Read more

All About SFA Food Vending Machine

Food Vending Machine Licensing Approach Food vending machine operations with (1) temperature control requirement and/or (2) food processing within the vending machine must be licensed in order to operate. SFA will issue a single licence to the food vending machine operator to operate multiple vending machines. In general, SFA will issue a Food Vending Machines … Read more

All about SFA Food Shop Licence

Steps to apply Food Shop / Supermarket Licence You may refer below on the steps for application of Food Shop and Supermarket licence. STEP DESCRIPTION  SERVICE STANDARD  Step 1 Submit complete application in GoBusinessFor complete application with layout plan, SFA will issue the In-Principle Approval (IPA) via email and GoBusiness (under “submitted documents” tab of your application) With … Read more

All about SFA Food Retail Licence

Food Retail Licences All food retail establishments must be licensed in order to operate.  Each licence application is assessed on its own merits. Here is a self-checklist [PDF, 152 KB] for easy reference on the licensing conditions to fulfill. They will be verified through a pre-licensing check of the premises upon the completion of renovations and installation … Read more