What is not included in Socso?

In Malaysia, SOCSO (Social Security Organization) provides various benefits and coverage for employees in case of work-related injuries, disabilities, illnesses, or death. However, there are certain situations and conditions that might not be covered by SOCSO:

Non-Covered Situations:

  1. Non-Work-Related Incidents: SOCSO primarily covers work-related injuries, illnesses, disabilities, or death. Injuries or illnesses that occur outside of work or aren’t related to work activities may not be covered.
  2. Self-Inflicted Injuries: Injuries intentionally caused by the employee themselves might not be covered.
  3. Injuries During Commute: Injuries during the commute to and from work, except under certain circumstances or specific conditions, may not be covered.
  4. Injuries Due to Violation of Law: Injuries sustained while violating the law or company policies might not be covered.
  5. Pre-Existing Conditions: Conditions or injuries that existed prior to employment or are not directly related to the workplace activities might not be covered.
  6. Temporary Incidents: Minor injuries that do not result in significant disability or medical treatment may not be covered.

Other Exclusions:

  • Private Health Care: SOCSO benefits might not cover treatments or medical services obtained from private healthcare providers that aren’t authorized or approved by SOCSO.
  • Non-Approved Treatments: Certain medical treatments or procedures that are not recognized or approved by SOCSO might not be covered.
  • Non-Compliance: If the employee or employer fails to comply with SOCSO regulations, such as late reporting of incidents or non-payment of contributions, it might affect coverage or claim eligibility.


  • Specific Terms and Conditions: SOCSO coverage and exclusions can vary based on specific terms, conditions, and regulations set by the organization. It’s essential to refer to SOCSO guidelines and policies for accurate information.
  • Updates and Changes: SOCSO policies and coverage might change over time due to amendments in regulations or policies. Checking the latest information from SOCSO or relevant authorities is crucial.
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Understanding the coverage and exclusions of SOCSO is important to ensure that employees and employers are aware of the situations where benefits might not be applicable. It’s advisable to refer to the official SOCSO guidelines or seek advice from SOCSO representatives for precise and updated information about coverage and exclusions.