Can I claim SOCSO after death?

Yes, in the event of an insured employee’s death, their dependents or beneficiaries can make a claim for benefits from SOCSO in Malaysia. The dependents may be eligible to claim certain benefits provided by SOCSO due to the insured employee’s death resulting from a work-related incident. Benefits for Dependents: Dependent’s Pension: Monthly payments may be … Read more

How much can SOCSO claim for accident?

The amount that can be claimed from SOCSO for an accident or work-related injury in Malaysia depends on several factors, including the severity of the injury, the nature of the disability, and the specific benefits outlined by SOCSO. SOCSO provides various types of benefits related to accidents or work-related incidents: 1. Medical Benefits: Coverage: SOCSO … Read more

Can age 60 and above contribute to SOCSO?

In Malaysia, individuals aged 60 and above, specifically those who are still engaged in employment, may continue to contribute to SOCSO under certain conditions. As of January of this year, the age limit for SOCSO contributions for employees was up to 60 years old. However, there might be variations in specific situations: 1. Compulsory Contributions: … Read more

What can I claim from Socso?

Under Malaysia’s Social Security Organization (SOCSO), employees can claim various benefits and compensation for work-related incidents or situations. Some of the main benefits that eligible individuals can claim from SOCSO include: 1. Employment Injury Scheme: Medical Benefits: Coverage for medical expenses related to treatment for work-related injuries or illnesses. Temporary Disablement Benefit: Compensation for loss … Read more

What is not included in Socso?

In Malaysia, SOCSO (Social Security Organization) provides various benefits and coverage for employees in case of work-related injuries, disabilities, illnesses, or death. However, there are certain situations and conditions that might not be covered by SOCSO: Non-Covered Situations: Non-Work-Related Incidents: SOCSO primarily covers work-related injuries, illnesses, disabilities, or death. Injuries or illnesses that occur outside … Read more

How do I claim Socso money?

To claim SOCSO benefits or money in Malaysia, especially for work-related injuries, disabilities, medical treatments, or other covered situations, follow these steps: Reporting the Incident: Notify Employer: Report the work-related incident or injury to your employer immediately or as soon as practically possible after it occurs. Provide details about the incident and seek medical attention … Read more

Can I claim SOCSO for Hospitalisation?

Yes, you can claim SOCSO benefits for hospitalization under certain circumstances in Malaysia. SOCSO provides medical benefits to covered employees who require hospitalization due to work-related injuries or illnesses. However, there are specific conditions that need to be met for hospitalization claims: Conditions for Hospitalization Claims: Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses: The hospitalization must be a result of … Read more

How do I check my SOCSO?

To check your SOCSO (Social Security Organization) contributions and other related details in Malaysia, you can follow these steps: Online Portal: SOCSO’s Website: Visit the official website of SOCSO in Malaysia. They often provide an online portal for members to access their contribution information. Login/Register: If you’re already registered, log in using your credentials (username … Read more

How is SOCSO calculated?

SOCSO contributions in Malaysia are calculated based on the employee’s wages and are subject to certain contribution rates set by the government. These rates can vary depending on factors like the employee’s salary bracket and the classification of the industry under the Employment Injury Scheme. Example Calculation: Let’s consider an example where an employee earns … Read more

What is the difference between SOCSO and EPF?

SOCSO (Social Security Organization) and EPF (Employees Provident Fund) are both statutory bodies in Malaysia aimed at providing financial security and benefits to employees, but they serve different purposes and offer different types of protection: SOCSO (Social Security Organization): Purpose: SOCSO primarily provides social security protection against work-related injuries, disabilities, illnesses, or death suffered by … Read more