Can age 60 and above contribute to SOCSO?

In Malaysia, individuals aged 60 and above, specifically those who are still engaged in employment, may continue to contribute to SOCSO under certain conditions. As of January of this year, the age limit for SOCSO contributions for employees was up to 60 years old.

However, there might be variations in specific situations:

1. Compulsory Contributions:

  • Employment Status: If an individual continues to work past the age of 60, their employer might still be required to make contributions to SOCSO on their behalf as long as they are employed and their employer is subject to SOCSO contributions.

2. Voluntary Contributions:

  • Self-Employed Individuals: Those aged 60 and above who are self-employed or no longer employed but wish to continue contributing to SOCSO voluntarily might have the option to do so. Voluntary contributions could offer certain social security benefits even after retirement age.

Important Considerations:

  • Contributions and eligibility criteria might be subject to updates or changes in government policies or regulations. These changes could affect the age limits or conditions for contributions to SOCSO.
  • It’s crucial to refer to the most recent guidelines and regulations provided by SOCSO or relevant authorities to understand the eligibility and conditions for contributions for individuals aged 60 and above who are still engaged in employment or wish to make voluntary contributions.
  • Individuals considering contributing to SOCSO beyond the age of 60 should seek guidance from SOCSO or consult with relevant authorities to ensure compliance with current regulations and to understand the benefits and coverage available.

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