When is NTU application deadline

The application deadlines for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) can differ based on the program you are seeking admission to and whether you are an international or domestic applicant. NTU usually offers multiple admission rounds across the year for various programs. As a general trend, NTU’s application window often concludes in February. For instance, the application … Read more

Does NTU Singapore accept late applications?

NTU Singapore typically has specific application deadlines for their various programs. These deadlines are set to ensure that the university can effectively process applications and make admission decisions in a timely manner. In general, late submission of application will not be accepted or considered by NTU admission team. However, in some cases, NTU might consider … Read more

When should I apply for NTU?

NTU general online applications open from October to February every year (Closing date for certain programs may vary). International applicants, especially those who require student visas, should apply well in advance to ensure they have enough time for visa processing, travel arrangements, and other preparations.

How many choices are there for NTU application?

NTU provides its undergraduate applicants with 5 choices. It is not obligatory for an applicant to fill up all the 5 choices but you must provide at least one (1st) choice. Do not repeat the choices.

How do you qualify for NTU?

Qualifying for admission to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore involves several factors, including academic qualifications, standardized test scores, and other relevant criteria. The specific requirements may vary based on the program you’re applying for, whether you’re an international or local applicants. Here’s a general overview of the typical admission criteria: Remember that competition for … Read more

What GPA do you need to get into NTU?

The specific GPA requirements for admission to NTU (Nanyang Technological University) can vary depending on the program or course you are applying for and the competition among applicants. NTU is a highly reputable and competitive university, and the admission process takes into account various factors beyond just GPA. While there is no fixed minimum GPA … Read more