When is NTU application deadline

The application deadlines for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) can differ based on the program you are seeking admission to and whether you are an international or domestic applicant. NTU usually offers multiple admission rounds across the year for various programs. As a general trend, NTU’s application window often concludes in February. For instance, the application … Read more

Does NTU Singapore accept late applications?

NTU Singapore typically has specific application deadlines for their various programs. These deadlines are set to ensure that the university can effectively process applications and make admission decisions in a timely manner. In general, late submission of application will not be accepted or considered by NTU admission team. However, in some cases, NTU might consider … Read more

When should I apply for NTU?

NTU general online applications open from October to February every year (Closing date for certain programs may vary). International applicants, especially those who require student visas, should apply well in advance to ensure they have enough time for visa processing, travel arrangements, and other preparations.

When will NUS Application Results be out

NUS will inform successful applicants of the outcome of their application via the Applicant Portal no later than May for local students and from May to July for international students.

How do I submit a NUS application?

To apply, click on the Apply Now link from NUS official site, that corresponds to your field of interest and qualification. The online application forms are best viewed on Google Chrome and Firefox. Note: All prospective applicants will require an account with Google, Facebook, Microsoft or LinkedIn to access the online application system. If you do not have … Read more

Does NUS accept late application?

The late application window is exclusive to current NUS students. However, it is not available for certain programs, including Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Nursing, Nursing (2 years), Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Industrial Design. External late application to NUS is also not permitted for all programs.

What is the deadline for NUS application?

The application deadlines for National University of Singapore (NUS) may vary depending on the specific program and the level of study (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D.). NUS typically has two main application intakes for most programs: However, please note that application deadlines and intake schedules can change from year to year, and different programs may have … Read more

What does NUS look for in students?

The National University of Singapore (NUS) seeks to admit students who demonstrate strong academic potential, intellectual curiosity, and a passion for learning. While specific criteria may vary based on the program or course of study, NUS typically looks for the following qualities in prospective students: